Extra Visitors Feature

What is the extra visitors feature? If you signed up for it with your plan, this feature allows you to keep Justuno active if you hit your account limit. Similar to a cell phone's data plan. You will only be charged for the months you need the feature! 

If you would like to turn this feature on, here is where the settings is located: 


FYI: They do not roll over to the next usage cycle 


Here is a breakdown of price per plan: 

10k: $8 for 3k visitors 

25k: $13 for 5k visitors 

50k: $60 for 20k visitors

100k: $110 for 40k visitors 

200k: $160 for 80k visitors  

1M: $220 for 300k visitors 

3M: $260 for 500k visitors 

5M: $3500 for 1500k visitors 



NOTE: prices may vary based on discounts applied at purchase of your plan! 


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