Auto Add Item from CTA Click | Shopify Only

Looking to upsell some items? With a little custom code we've created you can now auto add an item to your cart page from a CTA click. 

Check out this video or follow the instructions below: 


SHOPIFY CUSTOMERS: If you installed Justuno onto your Shopify store BEFORE 6/25/2017 please uninstall the application and reinstall it to activate these features. 

Step 1: Head to your promotions section and hit New Promotion then Custom Promotion. 

Step 2: Choose unlocked, name your promotion then hit create. 

Step 3: Choose a template and edit your design accordingly. Please make sure to have a CTA layer that will add the item in question

CTAadd.pngStep 4: Paste this code in the custom pop up JS section of your design: 

  $('.design-layer[data-layertype="standard-button"] .design-layer-editable[data-id!=""]').click(function(){

    var pass_data = {




Step 5:  Find the variant ID that you want to auto add to your cart, this is usually located in the URL of the product. For example:

Step 6: Paste in the variant ID in the Data ID option of the CTA. Now you have a CTA that will Auto add an item to your cart!


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