How to trigger a pop up based on cookies

If you are wanting to target specific cookies to help with a promotion, the steps below will help you set this up. 

Step 1. Pull up the desired promotion. If you have not set one up, click here How to Set up your First Justuno Promotion

Step 2. Then visit the rules section. 



Step 3. Click on "Add New Rule" and the message below will appear.



Step 4. Enter a name for the rule, the type of action you would like to occur, and select Advanced Rule. 

Step 5. The message below will appear and you will want to select Custom Values and then Matching Cookies Name/Value


Step 6. Once you have the rule, go ahead and add the cookie name. 

Step 7. Select your desired drop down option on how the cookie will be spotted

Step 8. Add the value and you are all set.

The video below is using Google Chrome as an example. It's as simple as right clicking on the page you are on and selecting Inspect. This will bring up Applications and then Cookies. 

How to Inspect on safari, firefox and IE. 


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